Thank you for choosing our item. This article is intended to help you get started creating your app with the codes provided.
This document will guide you through the installation process of the admin panel & apps.
Interesting Fact: Our items are developed using PHP Laravel & Flutter Framework. You get the latest technology stacks with our customer oriented support.
Here is the list of deliverables as applicable:
  • Customer application for Android, iOS and web developed using Flutter.
  • Vendor application for Android & iOS developed using Flutter
  • Driver application for both Android and iOS developed using Flutter.
  • Super Admin web panel developed using Laravel.
  • Vendor web panel developed using Laravel.
  • Both Admin & Vendor can add up their teams as sub-admins to manage & monitor.
  • Landing page.
This documentation covers mostly all the aspects of setting up the app. For any queries related to pre-sales or technical support, please open a ticket.

Know the App Flow

Got 2 minutes? Check out a video overview of our product:
Fact: As you have received the 100% code access, therefore you can anytime change the app flow via customisation.

Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:
Good to know: All the above steps are mandatory. Do not skip any of them.
Below are the steps to setup Android Studio & related functions to run the codes smoothly:
Good to know: Splitting your product into fundamental concepts, objects, or areas can be a great way to let readers deep dive into the concepts that matter most to them. Combine guides with this approach to 'fundamentals' and you're well on your way to great documentation!
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Know the App Flow
Guides: Jump right in
Get Ready: Dive a little deeper